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Fall 2014 Cross Registration:

April 22-28


How to Cross Register

1) Explore the links on the left to find available courses.

The only restrictions to signing up for these courses are availability of class space and the fulfilling of course prerequisites. Since classes are open on a space-available basis, you will improve your chances of getting into the course of your choice if you visit the Registrar or Instructor at the host institution early in the Cross Registration period.

2) Pick up an application form from your home Registrar to be signed.

See sample application form on the left. The host school will not process you unless this is signed by your home Registrar.

3) Take signed form to the host school's Registrars Office to enroll in the course.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are signing up for courses at MassArt or the SMFA, you must get the signature of the faculty member teaching the course before you visit their Registrars Office.

4) Return your signed application form to your home Registrar

Good Luck!!

Feel free to email us if you have any questions at


NOTE: Summer and Graduate Courses are not available through ProArts Cross-Registration.