Berklee College of Music Guidelines

For Berklee Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Courses taken through the ProArts Consortium that meet the standards of Berklee's transfer credit policy for liberal arts requirements or electives will be accepted and counted toward graduation as appropriate. Courses that are not normally transferable may be taken through ProArts and applied to the general elective requirements.
  • If you wish to fulfill a Berklee music course requirement through ProArts, you must obtain written approval from the chair of your major before the start of the course.
  • Berklee Faculty and staff can take a maximum of one course through ProArts per semester.
  • Remember to add the ProArts course to your Berklee schedule. Please see the table below to determine the course number and section for adding a ProArts course to your Berklee schedule. 

*** The course number you choose must equal the same amount of credits that the course is worth at the host college. Adding a ProArts course to your Berklee schedule does not guarantee a space in the host college course. However, it will save space on your Berklee schedule and increase your term credit load, which is important for financial aid concerns, and SEVIS concerns for international students.

Course Number
PA-005 = 0.5 credit course
PA-001 = 1 credit course 
PA-015 = 1.5 credit course 
PA-002 = 2 credit course 
PA-025 = 2.5 credit course 
PA-003 = 3 credit course
PA-004 = 4 credit course

001 = Boston Architectural College
002 = Boston Conservatory 
003 = Emerson College 
004 = Massachusetts College of Art 
005 = School of the Museum of Fine Arts

*** Exception: For four-credit liberal art courses offered through Emerson College, register for PA-003-003 (three credits). Only three credits are counted toward graduation.

For Students, Faculty, and Staff Enrolling at Berklee

  • Undergraduate students, faculty, and staff can take a maximum of 6 credits or 3 classes at Berklee each semester, whichever comes first.
  • Only undergraduate courses are available for cross-registration.
  • All courses with prerequisites that have not been taken will need a signature from the chair of the department.
  • All instrumental labs need the approval of the department chair.
  • Ensembles require the student to take a ratings audition prior to registration. 

The following Berklee courses are restricted from ProArts registration

  • Private instruction courses.
  • Courses over the 300 level (with the exception of Liberal Arts) without the approval of the department chair. 
  • Courses that are restricted to Music Ed, Music Production and Engineering, Electronic Production and Design, and Music Therapy majors, without the approval of the department chair.

Read more about ProArts Cross Registration Procedures on Berklee's website.