New England Conservatory Guidelines

For New England Conservatory Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Only New England Conservatory undergraduate students are eligible for cross-registration through ProArts.
  • Students must be enrolled full-time in their degree or diploma program during the semester they wish to enroll in a ProArts Class.
  • Students in their first year of enrollment at New England Conservatory are not eligible to enroll in classes through ProArts.
  • Students whose native language is not English must have achieved a minimum TOEFL score of 76, successfully completed ESL I, or passed the NEC Test of English Proficiency to cross-register.
  • Students may take a maximum of one (1) ProArts undergraduate level course per semester, regardless of credits. Note: A total of 12 credits may be earned through cross-registration across all cross-registration opportunities (including Northeastern, Tufts, and the ProArts Consortium).
  • Students may not pursue studio, ensemble, or coaching through cross-registration.
  • Courses taken through ProArts by NEC students may not duplicate NEC offerings.
  • Courses taken through ProArts will be counted towards a student’s curricular requirements for graduation as appropriate.
  • In addition to needing the approval of their academic advisor and the Registrar, students wishing to take a course to fulfill NEC Liberal Arts*, Music History, or Music Theory elective requirements must also obtain approval from the chair of the corresponding instructional department at NEC.
  • Students wishing to take a course to fulfill a departmental requirement for the student’s major must obtain approval from the chair of the student’s major department.
  • NEC benefits-eligible faculty and staff may take a maximum of one course per semester through ProArts.

For Students, Faculty, and Staff Enrolling at NEC

  • Undergraduate students, faculty, and staff from ProArts schools can take a maximum of one (1) course each semester at NEC, regardless of credits.
  • Only undergraduate courses are available for cross-registration; studios, ensembles, and coaching are not available.
  • All courses require instructor’s permission and signature; courses with prerequisites that have not been taken at NEC will need a signature from both the course instructor as well as the chair of the department.

*Liberal Arts – Students wishing to fulfill their Liberal Arts elective credit requirements by taking courses outside the disciplines of literature, history, philosophy, politics, cultural studies, social sciences, environmental studies, film, and creative arts, or languages other than Italian, German, or French, may do so without prior approval of the chair of the Liberal Arts department.