Spring 2017 Cross-Registration Open Enrollment:
December 1 - 7, 2016.*

* Exceptions:
- If you'd like to enroll at the Boston Conservatory, you may only do so during the add-drop period: January 23 - February 3.
New England Conservatory will participate in cross-registration beginning in Fall 2017

SPRING 2017 Add/Drop Dates

In addition to the open enrollment period, you may cross-register for classes at any ProArts school during the add/drop periods.

Berklee College of Music: January 23 - 27
Boston Architectural College: Add January 17 - 23; Drop January 17 - 27
Boston Conservatory: January 23 - February 3
Emerson College: January 17 - 30
Massachusetts College of Art and Design: January 18 - February 1
School of the Museum of Fine Arts: January 19 - 26

Course Lists

Below, find the ProArts course offerings from each school. "Available Courses" is a PDF list of courses being offered for cross-registration. "Course Descriptions" is a link to each school's online database, where you can find more information about the class, as well as the remaining number of seats available. 

If you're having trouble opening files, try the following:

  • Try using a different web browser (Firefox is not recommeded)
  • Empty the cache on your browser
  • Disable pop-up blockers 

Berklee College of Music
Available Courses
Course Descriptions

Boston Architectural College
Available Courses
Course Descriptions

Boston Conservatory
Available Courses
Course Descriptions 

Emerson College
Available Courses
Course Descriptions

Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Available Courses
Course Descriptions

School of the Museum of Fine Arts
Available Courses
Course Descriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I cross-register for spring classes?
December 1 - 7 is the open enrollment period. You may also register during add/drop. 

But my school's registration period happens at a different time. Can I register then?
No. Registration for ProArts happens during the designated week, and again during the add/drop period.

The school I want to register with does not have a course list available. The description says "Coming Soon." When can I access them?
The member schools submit their course lists at different times, and the lists are uploaded to this page as soon as they are received. To receive an email update when course lists become available, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.