Breaking the Fourth Wall with SkyBridge

Skybridge is a multi-cultural music group that originated at the Berklee College of Music in 2013. Their motto, “We look so different, we all smile the same,” is backed by a diverse membership, which includes over 50 individuals from countries spanning the globe. While their origins vary widely, the musicians of SkyBridge are connected by a love of music and the desire to build a more peaceful, equal, and friendly planet.

SkyBridge’s sound is, simply put, worldly. Because of their inclusive mission, SkyBridge attracts members with unique and diverse musical backgrounds. The result of this collaboration is a well-traveled mix of Pop, R&B, Reggae, Jazz, Soul, and Funk.

The band was built as a mechanism for founder Utako Toyama to bring fellow musicians on a tour of her homeland, Japan. As she explained to me over coffee, the band never made it to Japan - but has instead developed into something much more meaningful. At their first show, SkyBridge performed a song whose melody is a simple, wordless hum. They were surprised when the audience joined in, creating a united atmosphere that made a powerful impression on everyone. Ever since then, audience participation has been a key element of SkyBridge's music. To achieve this, SkyBridge has bravely experimented with different forms of performance, including a flash mob-inspired version of Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven in Faneuil Hall, Boston. 

This summer, SkyBridge is embarking on an ambitious and fun project bringing musical flash mobs to the Boston area. Each performance will be grounded in a different theme: LGBTQ rights, religious freedom, and race equality. The project will culminate in the fourth, largest performance, Flash Mob for Peace, on September 21st, the International Day of Peace. The group is currently seeking volunteers to collaborate with: skilled singers, organizers, and advertisers who are passionate about equal rights and ready to have a good time. 

To get involved in SkyBridge's Flash Mob project, visit their website