About Cross-Registration

Students, faculty, and staff of the ProArts Consortium can register for undergraduate classes at any of the affiliated schools. This can be done at no additional tuition cost, and credits earned are transferred to your home institution. 

A message about the New England Conservatory: We are happy to announce that NEC will participate in cross-registration beginning in Fall 2017! 


How to Cross-Register

  1. Familiarize yourself with the cross-registration Rules & Regulations (below) at your home school as well as the school you wish to enroll in. 
  2. Obtain a cross-registration application form from this site or from your Registrar.
  3. Determine the course you wish to enroll in. 
  4. During ProArts open enrollment or during add/drop, complete the Cross-Registration Form and obtain the signature of your Registrar at your home institution. Note: some schools also require the signature of your Advisor – contact your Registrar to see if this is applicable for you. For open enrollment dates, visit the Dates & Courses page.
  5. Take your completed Cross-Registration Form to the Registrar of the host institution for approval.
  6. Return your completed form to your home Registrar to complete the process.


Each school has different cross-registration policies. Before getting started with your application, make sure to review the rules of your home institution as well as the school you wish to enroll in.